• Determining when your trees need trimming can be a difficult decision, not including general appearance. But there are a variety of reasons for a tree trimming service whether you need a standard pruning or an overall crown-reducing service. The reasons for tree trimming include:

  • Fine Pruningthis service involved removing small limbs and increases the overall appearance of the tree.

    Standard Pruningtree pruning is vital to promoting a healthy tree and involved the removal of dead or decaying limbs to improve appeal and remove hazards.

    Hazard Trimmingif you have a tree that is a safety concern, we remove at-risk branches.

    Crown Reductionthis is only done at certain times like when a tree is interfering with a power line or when there is significant dieback. This process involves the removal of major branches to decrease the height of spread of a tree’s crown.

  • Benefits of Tree Trimming

    • Dying branches can lead to potential damages to your property or loved ones. If you have a tree suffering from disease or decay, its limbs are at-risk and so is its structural support.
    • Tree trimming helps the overall appearance of a tree and keeps it from developing weak branches.
    • Tree trimming increases its exposure to the sun and improves air circulation, which improves the tree’s health and underlying landscape.
    • Pruning fruit trees helps improve size and quantity of your crop. Prune fruit trees in the winter to improve its shape and increase sunlight exposure.
    • Newly planted trees should be pruned to help compensate for root loss and allows you to begin training the shape of the tree.
    • A great way to open up your property and allow a more exposed view.
  • Call Your Local Tree Pruning & Trimming Experts

    Trying to figure out if your trees need pruning or trimming? At S&S Tree Service we provide free estimates and can have our experts assess your tree situation and provide professional feedback. If you have a tree whose limbs are broken or hanging, getting to close to your property or power lines or haven’t been trimmed in a while – give us a call today! We are always here to help clean up what mother nature left behind. If you think that there is a tree growing too close to the edge of your property and that it could cause damage to your neighbors’ home one day, call us today! The last thing we want is to have a tree tumble down during a powerful storm and cause severe damage to your home or your neighbor’s home. Prevent the scare of having so much property destroyed and allow us here at S & S Tree Services to remove this tree before it causes any more damage.