• If you have a tree on your residential or commercial property that is suffering from disease, damage or is dead – your friends at S&S Tree Service can remove it. The main reason for tree removal is due to the hazardous factors they pose on your home and loved ones. Dying trees and lifeless branches threaten your roof, cars, power lines, etc. and we can help eliminate those risks. Our tree experts can properly identify your trees that need to be pruned or removed entirely.

    In addition to minimizing hazardous branches and trees, utilizing a tree removal service can be ideal to clear land for a pool, shed or another addition to your property, if your lawn is suffering from dead grass, it could be due to a tree’s root system securing more nutrients than your grass, damaging your grass growth. Tree removal helps alleviate that.

  • We Minimize the Potential Damage of Your Trees

    Unhealthy trees can be problematic no matter their size. Damaged trees are always at-risk to break or even the entire tree splits in half, resulting in damages to your property or land. Taking a proactive approach and contacting your local arborist experts can help minimize that. Tree removal is easy when it’s left in the hands of the professionals. At S&S Tree Service, we utilize cranes and aerial bucket trucks to remove even the most dangerous trees in your yard. With over 15 years of experience in the business, we have the equipment and staff for any job. In addition to that, we provide safety equipment to help protect your lawn when removing your trees and clean the entire area up – leaving your home looking as good as new.

  • Your Local Licensed and Insured Tree Service

    We take our work seriously and focus on professionalism. We consider ourselves the premier option for your tree care in New Baden, IL and surrounding cities, and we like to protect our customers, too. Our services come fully insured to protect you from any potential accidents. We are proud of our work and have the references and safety net, to prove that we should be your number one option for tree care services.