• Having a tree removed doesn’t necessarily rid yourself completely of an unwanted tree. You still must deal with the stump, and they can be an annoyance. Whether you are having to mow the lawn and constantly work around it, weeds start growing from it or in general just a tripping hazard, S&S Tree Service offers a stump grinding and stump removal service.

  • Stubborn Stump Removal

    Cutting down a tree is no small task, and neither is a stump removal process. However, in certain cases, they can be a necessary service – especially if they become hazardous. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure that we can remove any hazardous stumps without damaging your property. Our process includes a power tool called a stump cutter that removes stumps via a rotating cutting disc that chips away at the wood.

    Chemical Free Solutions

    Unlike other tree service companies, we don’t use chemicals to treat the ground after grinding a stump. Chemical solutions can seep into your ground water and render the area unusable for a period of time. Instead, we use a heavy-duty machine to remove your stumps, roots and sprouts. Instead of waiting for your soil to rehabilitate – after our stump removal process, you can replant immediately!

  • Your Friendly Tree Service

    While you can rent a stump grinder for a time period, why pay AND do the work? Especially if you are unexperienced in tree service, it could become a hassle. Instead, call on your local professionals at S&S Tree Service and we can do the same job in half the time! We stand by our work, offer honest prices and superior customer service and if you need tree service and have a stump that needs to be removed, don’t hesitate to call!